"The ScheZo".

  • Welcome to Schengen Zone - an Internet magazine by Victor Zhilko!
  • The Schengen Zone - is a huge question sign for the entire population
  • of the Old World?
  • There are no borders, and, if you wish, you can get from Helsinki
  • to Lisbon by your car without a single stop.
    Is it just a dream?
    The last 3000 years Europe has been loosing the signs of newborn
  • culture by fighting in wars. This is not but a philosophical question,
  • but the common practice: fuehrers are born and consciousness despises.
    Does it create a new nationality "a Schengener" by analogy with "an American"?
  • Who is a Shengener then?
  • Why thousands of people from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe are risking
  • their lifes in order just to get illegally over the Schengen Zone's borders?
    The answer is clear: people are streaming to Freedom, where a particular
  • person can become a free individual. It is the best advertising for EC countries,
  • when people are attacking its borders risking the their lives in transport containers
  • or ships' cargo parts, for just to get into Europe.
    And after all, when a refugee gets though all unthinkable borders and
  • becomes "a free person", how does he feel under those new conditions?
    The creator of this Internet magazine seeks the answers for
  • those questions in his short stories and essays using his personal experience.
  • Alas, I shall try to comprehend the new reality of the Old World …
  • And to answer the question: "What is the New Europe without internal borders?"…
  • Or is the Schengen Zone is nothing but a dream?

Victor Zhilko, (Director, production designer, artist)


Victor Zhilko a famous Ukrainian & Danish artist were born the 1st of April 1941 in Zhmerinka, Ukraine. The father Fedot Zhilko was a famous Ukrainian linguist, a professor and a dissident: www.memo.ru ; The mother was Dvoira (Leidmann) Zhilko (pseudonymous Dokia Zhmer) in 1941 with three months’ son Victor was on the territory occupied by Germans was sentenced to death being a Jew. Though mother and son miraculously survived the war. Later the writer D. Zhmer described her tragic destiny in her novel «By the Circle of Irreversibility and by the Circle of Nonexistance», (Magazine «The Cronicle.. Ukraine Israel. 2000». Victor Zhilko has graduated the Theatrical-creative faculty of Leningrads Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema in 1965 under the leadership of Nikolai Akimov. He has a various jobs in the theaters of Russia and Ukraine. After the graduation from the Film Director School of Kievs State University of Theater in 1973 Victor has been working at Kievs Dovzhenko Film-studio. In 1978 Victor got a prize «The Golden Asteroid» as the best stage designer for the Polish-Soviet movie «Pilot Pirks\ Test» by the novel of Stanislav Lem in Trieste at the Science Fiction Film Festival. In 1981 Victor has made his debute as film director at the Mosfilm Film Studio, His first movie «The Voice of Memory» was filmed on the motives of the short-stories Ray Bradbury «The Marsian Chronicles». Go to www.zhilko.dk for more pictures in the Gallery.

Victor Zhilko.

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